Juanita Cole Towery, Artist

of Juanita Cole Towery
About the Artist

Juanita Cole Towery, an Austin, Texas-based artist, was formerly published as Juanita Cole Howard when she resided in Houston, Texas. She moved to Los Angeles, California in 2001 with her new husband, Glenn Towery, and exhibited in several galleries until they moved back to Texas in 2013. A self-taught artist, drawing since the age of 5, Juanita has been painting and selling as a professional artist since 1992. Juanita is a wonderfully diverse artist who uses various mediums and vibrant colors on multiple surfaces to create images that stimulate the imagination of its viewers.

Without locking herself into any particular style of painting, Juanita refers to her style of art as "Abstract Nitaism", where realism and the abstract co-exist in perfect harmony. She also considers herself a 'zone artist', because she doesn't paint daily. However, when she's in the 'zone', she produces a whole new body of work that may include 10 to 12 pieces, completely different from her last creations.  A gallery exhibit of her works make the viewers feel as if they're looking at the art of multiple artists. Juanita's trademark silhouette collections include "Silhouettes ofLife" and "Silhouettes of Love", pieces depict slices of life that anyone can relate to, and "Silhouettes of Christ". Her latest paintings depict icons Prince, Malcolm X, Tupac and Biggie Smalls.

Juanita's works have been exhibited in several Houston, Los Angeles and Austin galleries, as well as multiple venues. Juanita'sexhibits in Los Angeles include The Loft at Liz's Gallery, William Grant Still Art Center, and Lucy Florence Gallery in Leimert Park. Her art has also been used in stage plays in Los Angeles. In 2014, she exhibited twice in AVAA galleries in Austin, Texas and in Round Rock Arts Gallery in 2015.